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Pin codes list of Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh, India

The country of Chandauli city is India. The state of Chandauli city is Uttar Pradesh. Thus, Chandauli City is located in Uttar Pradesh State of India country. All Area codes with the Area name of Chandauli city, Uttar Pradesh state in India's pin codes is listed in the above list. Here, you can find the Pincode of my location or Nearby Post offices with pin code of so many Areas with Pincode of Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh, India as like Vishunpura - 232104, Verdisanda - 232108, Utraut - 232103, Torwan - 232105, Tiyari - 232103, Tiyara - 232118, Tanda Kalan - 221115, Sogai - 232110, Sishaurakalan - 232106, Sikari - 232102, Sikarganj - 232103, Sikanderpur - 232103, Shivpur - 232102, Shamsherpur - 232111, Shaheedgaon - 232105, Sewari - 232109, Seruka - 232110, Sanghati - 232120, Samudpur - 221115, Sakaldiha Bazar - 232109, Sakaldiha - 232108, Saiyadraja - 232110, Saifpur - 232107, Saidupur - 232103, Sahupuri - 221009, Sahabganj - 232118, Sadalpura - 232120, Rupetha - 232120, Rewasa - 232110, Ranepur - 232108, Rampurkala - 232103, Rampur - 232110, Ramgarh - 232107, Raiytha - 232106, Prabhupur - 232109, Piparia - 232103, Pipari - 232106, Paura - 232108, Patti - 221115, Parasikalan - 232104, Papaura - 232109, Pachwania - 232103, Pachokhar - 232101, Oyarchak - 232110, Noori - 232106, Niyamatabad - 232101, Naugarh - 232111, Naubatpur - 232110, Naraina - 232108, Nairhi - 232107, Naikot - 232109, Nadi Nidhaura - 232107, Musakhan - 232103, Mugalsarai - 232101, Merahan - 232106, Meerasarai - 232106, Mavaiya - 232102, Mathela - 232109, Marufpur - 221115, Marhi - 232104, Maniyarpur - 232108, Majhwarkhas - 232104, Majhghain - 232111, Mahuwarikhas - 232109, Mahesua Nai Bazar - 232108, Maharkha - 232120, Laxmangarh - 232107, Launda - 232104, Kurahana - 232101, Kori - 232120, Khurja - 232104, Khilchi - 232118, Kharaujha - 232103, Kharan - 232106, Khakhara - 232118, Khagwal - 232104, Keshavpur - 232120, Keraigaon - 232118, Kawanr - 232109, Kawaipaharpur - 232106, Karnaul - 232118, Kanta - 232104, Kamharia - 232106, Kamharia - 232108, Kamalpur - 232106, Kadirabad - 232106, Jurahardhan - 221115, Jarkhor - 232102, Janso Ki Marai - 232120, Jamunipur - 232104, Jalalpur - 232106, Jagdish Sarai - 232104, Imilia - 232110, Illia - 232118, Hingutarjagdishpur - 232105, Hetampur - 232106, Gurera - 232109, Gauri - 232102, Gaighat - 232103, Fesuda - 232110, Farsandpurmohanpur - 232120, Dighwat - 232108, Dighghi - 232106, Dharde - 232102, Dharauli - 232104, Dharaon - 232105, Dhaneja - 232102, Dhanapur - 232105, Derwakalan - 232101, Derhgaonwa - 232106, Darahara - 232108, Dandi - 232101, Dabaria - 232105, Chilabali - 232106, Chandauli - 232104, Chakia - 232103, Chakarghatta - 232111, Bhujana - 232110, Bhorsar - 232118, Bhojapur - 232108, Bhikhampur - 232103, Bhatraul - 232103, Bhatiza - 232110, Bharchha - 232101, Bhaisahi - 232103, Bhadauliya - 232102, Bathawar - 232109, Basila - 232104, Barthara Kalan - 232104, Barahani - 232110, Barahan - 232106, Baghari - 232106, Bagahikumbhapur - 232110, Baburi - 232102, Babhniyaon Raipur - 232105, Awati - 232106, Awajapur - 232108, Asana - 232110, Arangi - 232110, Amilai - 232109, Amara - 232110, Amara - 232105, Amaon - 232118, Alinagar - 232101, Alampur - 232101,

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