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Pincode 143603 - Ghonewal, Amritsar, Punjab, India

Pincode :


Post Office :


City : Amritsar
State : Punjab
Country : India
District : Amritsar
Postal Taluka : Ajnala
Post Office Type : B.O. ( Branch Post Office )
Related Sub Office : Ramdass
Related Head Office : Amritsar G.p.o.
Postal Division : Amritsar
Postal Region : Chandigarh Region
Postal Circle : Punjab
Delivery Status : Delivery

Indian Postal department uses Pincode (Postal Index Number) for post office numbering. Indian Postal Code System Consists of Six digits, which is a 6 digit code, it's used to find out delivery Post Offices in district in India. The first two digits of the Pincode represent the state, the second two digits of the Pincode represent the district and the Third two digits of the Pincode represent the Post Office.

The Pincode of Ghonewal area is 143603. The City of Ghonewal area is Amritsar. The State of Ghonewal area is Punjab. The Country of Ghonewal area is India. The District of Ghonewal area is Amritsar. The Postal Taluka of Ghonewal area is Ajnala.

Post Office Type of Ghonewal Post Office is B.O. ( Branch Post Office ). Related Sub Office of Ghonewal area is Ramdass. Related Head Office of Ghonewal area is Amritsar G.p.o.. The Postal Division of Ghonewal area is Amritsar. The Postal Region of Ghonewal area is Chandigarh Region. The Postal Circle of Ghonewal area is Punjab. Delivery Status of Ghonewal area is Delivery.

Thus, Ghonewal area is located in Chandigarh Region region, Punjab circle, India country.

In this case, the first two digits "14" of the Pincode represent the state Punjab,

the second two digits "36" of the Pincode represent the district Amritsar,

and third two digits "03" of the Pincode represent the Post Office Ghonewal,

Thus, 143603 is the Pin code of Ghonewal B.O. ( Branch Post Office ), Amritsar, Punjab, India.

The Pincodes are divided into 9 zones. the first digit "1" of 143603 represents the region i.e. Punjab,

the second digit "4" of 143603 represents the sub-region i.e. Chandigarh Region,

the third digit "3" of 143603 represents the district of that region i.e. Amritsar.

The last 3 digits of Pincode 143603 are assigned to the Ghonewal B.O. ( Branch Post Office ) pin code officially comes under the Amritsar division and Chandigarh Region region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Ghonewal Area Pin code

What is the Pincode of Ghonewal Post Office?
Answer: The Pincode of Ghonewal Post Office located in Amritsar is 143603.

Where is Ghonewal Post Office located?
Answer: The complete address of Ghonewal Post Office is: The Postmaster, Ghonewal B.O. ( Branch Post Office ), Ajnala, Amritsar, Amritsar, Chandigarh Region, Amritsar, Punjab, India - 143603.

What other post offices are available near Ghonewal?
Answer: In case you couldn't visit the Ghonewal post office for some reason, other nearby post offices are: Thoba, Ramdass, Jatta, Dujowal, Dahoorian,

How many villages are situated near the Ghonewal post office??
Answer: There are around many villages in Punjab, which have the same pin code as the Ghonewal post office i.e. 143603. A few of them are: Waryah (156), Wanjhanwala (219), Wadhai Chima (53), Wachhoa (255), Veroke(166), Vehra (14), Vanieyke (345), Urdhan (253), Umarpura (207), Ugar Aulakh (213), Tut (13), Tur (18), Thoba (98), Thikriwala (185), Thatti (168), Thatta (188), Teri (230), Tera Rajputan (115), Tera Khurd (240), Tera Kalan (241), Teli Chak (318), Tareen (161), Tapiala (189), Tanana (26), Talwandi Sepahimal (289), Talwandi Rai Dado (220), Talwandi Nahar (272), Talwandi Bhagwan (269), Talla (153), Talib Pur (86), Sundergarh (40), Sultan Mahal (102), Sufian (105), Sudhar (261), Singhoke (70), Sidhawan (169), Sherpur (30), Sheikh Bhatti (36), Shahzada (81), Shahura (346), Shahpur (150), Shahliwal (34), Shahjadabad (57), Sehnsra (304), Saurian (162), Sarangra (174), Sarang Dev (126), Sarai (223), Sangatpura (281), Samrai (104), Sammowal (108), Sallodin (292), Salimpura (204), Saktu Nangal (286), Saidpur Khurd (132), Saidpur (6), Saidopura (314), Saido Gazi (37), Sahowal (45), Saharan (74), Rurewal (92), Rudala (313), Rokhey (214), Riar (224), Ranian (1), Ranewali (302), Ramdas(rural) (84), Rakh Othian (202), Rakh Kohali (191), Rajjian (229), Raipur Khurd (215), Raipur Kalan (38), Rai (175), Punga (130), Phere Waryah (257), Pathan Nangal (284), Panju Rai (173), Panju Kulal (146), Panjgrianwala (65), Panjgrain Nijjran (228), Pandori Suhka Singh (225), Pandori (89), Pandori (178), Pairewal (95), Padri (335), Pachhia (85), Othian (203), Odhar (187), Nurpur (334), Nizampura (275), Nissoke (71), Niamtabad (33), Nepal (142), Nawan Pind (273), Nasar (251), Nanoke (262), Nangal Wanjhanwala (217), Nangal Tola (315), Nangal Sohal (91), Nangal Amb (110), Mulakot (182), Mujaffarpura (157), Mughlani Kot (301), Mudh Bhillowal (164), Motla (137), Momanpura (97), Mohleke (11), Mohar (206), Mohan Bhandari (258), Miadi Khurd (149), Miadi Kalan (144), Mehmadpura (196), Mehlanwala (305), Maure (194), Mattia (212), Mattey Nangal (260), Manj (4), Mango Naru (79), Mandianwala (10), Mananwala (193), Malu Nangal (298), Malakpur (62), Makowal (266), Makanpura (177), Makam (242), Majjupura (282), Mahji Meun (35), Mahammad Mundranwala (87), Madu Chhanga (268), Madoke (330), Machhiwala (80), Machhi Nangal (280), Lopoke (167), Loharka (256), Lodhi Gujjar (5), Lelian (172), Laungo Mahal (249), Lashkari Nangal (294), Lanven (337), Langarpur (61), Lalla Afganan (309), Lakhuwal (ramdas) (264), Lakhuwal (ajnala) (122), Ladhe (303), Kuttiwala (17), Kuralian (263), Kotli Shah Habib (88), Kotli Sakkianwali (295), Kotli Sakka (199), Kotli Saidan (226), Kotli Muglan (143), Kotli Korotana (221), Kotli Koka (127), Kotli Khaira (139), Kotli Kazian (116), Kotli Jamait Singh (96), Kotli Dasondhi (16), Kotli Barwala (56), Kotli Aulakh (342), Kotli Amb (234), Kotla Suraj Lohar (138), Kotla Sadar (277), Kotla Kazian (244), Kotla Doom (321), Kot Sidhu (152), Kot Razada (59), Kot Mugal (270), Kot Kesar Singh (279), Kot Gurbaksh (83), Kohali (328), Kohala (340), Kiampura (239), Khushupura (155), Khizarpura (343), Khiala Khurd (327), Khiala Kalan (326), Khatrai Khurd (293), Khatrai Kalan (291), Khanwal (43), Khanowal (245), Kawe (171), Kaulowal (332), Katla (90), Kassowahala(76), Karyal (201), Kandowali (287), Kamirpura (50), Kamirpur (218), Kamirpur (195), Kamaska (344), Kamalpura (243), Kamalpur Khurd (73), Kamalpur Kalan (72), Kallo Mahal (101), Kaler (322), Kakar (3), Kakar (160), Joeke (186), Jhunj (25), Jhanjoti (317), Jhander (288), Jauns (205), Jatta (82), Jastarwal (209), Jassar (265), Jasraour (147), Jandiala (285), Jajja (198), Jai Ramkot (136), Jagdev Khurd (112), Jagdev Kalan (297), Jafarkot (128), Isapur (211), Ibrahimpura (233), Hetampura (7), Hashampura (133), Hasanpura (154), Harse Chhina (311), Hardo Putli (278), Harar Khurd (119), Harar Kalan (235), Harar ( Near Bhure Gill ) (246), Hailar (267), Gurala (120), Gulgarh (32), Gujjarpura (121), Granthgarh (125), Gill (48), Ghumrai (64), Ghukeywali (296), Ghonewala (78), Ghoga (27), Gaurey Nangal (259), Galib (107), Gaggo Mahal (248), Gaggar (66), Gagarmal (176), Foolpur (67), Fatta (21), Fatehwal (123), Dyal (134), Dujowal (60), Dug (12), Diyal Bhatti (109), Dialpura (252), Dial Bharang (254), Dhurian (100), Dhian Singhpura (46), Dhariwal (237), Dhariwal (180), Dhariwal ((310), Dharamkot (200), Dhangai (93), Dhandal (141), Darya Mussa (63), Darya Mansur (51), Dalleke (347), Dalla Rajputan (113), Dalla Mallian (114), Dalam (307), Dala (184), Dadrai (308), Dadra (68), Dadian (55), Chuchakwal (158), Chogawan (ct), Chhina Karam Singh (210), Chhiddan (333), Chhanna (8), Chetanpura (283), Cheleke (341), Chawinda Khurd (338), Chawinda Kalan (339), Chana (41), Chamyari (236), Chak Sikandar (276), Chak Phoolan (222), Chak Misri Khan (163), Chak Kamal Khan (197), Chak Fateh Khan (148), Chak Dogran (124), Chak Bazid (145), Chak Bala (111), Chak Aul (129), Chak Allah Bakash (179), Chainpur (319), Chahia (208), Chaharpur (106), Burj (19), Budha Warsal (54), Bua Nangali (299), Boparai Khurd (325), Boparai Kalan (324), Boparai Baj Singh (323), Bohlian (216), Boharwala (271), Bhure Gill (247), Bhullar (190), Bhogan (42), Bhoewali (238, Bhitte Wadh (192), Bhindi Saidan (24), Bhindi Nain (20), Bhindi Aulakh Khurd (23), Bhindi Aulakh Kalan (22), Bhilowal Kakezai (165), Bhangwan (170), Bhalot (140), Bhala Pind (306), Bhakha Hari Singh (227), Bhainian (39), Bhaini Gill (47), Bhagupur Bet (15), Bhaggupur Uttar (9), Bhadru (2), Bhadal (103), Behlol (29), Beharwal (336), Bath (290), Barlas (135), Barar (331), Ballaharwal (44), Balbawa (274), Balaggan (320), Bal Labe Darya (49), Bakraur (131), Bajwa (99), Bagga (316), Bachiwind (183), Awanlakha Singh (159), Awan Near Ramdas (94), Audar (181), Arzi Sanghoke (69), Arazi Sahran (75), Arazi Kot Rajada (58), Arazi Kassowala (77), Arazi Darya (52), Anayatpura (118), Aliwal (117), Alampur (151), Akbarpura (31), Adliwala (300), Abu Said (250), Aawan Basu (28),

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