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Pincode 145027 - Bamial, Pathankot, Punjab, India

Pincode :


Post Office :


City : Pathankot
State : Punjab
Country : India
District : Pathankot
Postal Taluka : Pathankot
Post Office Type : S.O. ( Sub Post Office )
Related Sub Office : NA
Related Head Office : Gurdaspur
Postal Division : Gurdaspur
Postal Region : Chandigarh Region
Postal Circle : Punjab
Delivery Status : Delivery

Indian Postal department uses Pincode (Postal Index Number) for post office numbering. Indian Postal Code System Consists of Six digits, which is a 6 digit code, it's used to find out delivery Post Offices in district in India. The first two digits of the Pincode represent the state, the second two digits of the Pincode represent the district and the Third two digits of the Pincode represent the Post Office.

The Pincode of Bamial area is 145027. The City of Bamial area is Pathankot. The State of Bamial area is Punjab. The Country of Bamial area is India. The District of Bamial area is Pathankot. The Postal Taluka of Bamial area is Pathankot.

Post Office Type of Bamial Post Office is S.O. ( Sub Post Office ). Related Sub Office of Bamial area is NA. Related Head Office of Bamial area is Gurdaspur. The Postal Division of Bamial area is Gurdaspur. The Postal Region of Bamial area is Chandigarh Region. The Postal Circle of Bamial area is Punjab. Delivery Status of Bamial area is Delivery.

Thus, Bamial area is located in Chandigarh Region region, Punjab circle, India country.

In this case, the first two digits "14" of the Pincode represent the state Punjab,

the second two digits "50" of the Pincode represent the district Pathankot,

and third two digits "27" of the Pincode represent the Post Office Bamial,

Thus, 145027 is the Pin code of Bamial S.O. ( Sub Post Office ), Pathankot, Punjab, India.

The Pincodes are divided into 9 zones. the first digit "1" of 145027 represents the region i.e. Punjab,

the second digit "4" of 145027 represents the sub-region i.e. Chandigarh Region,

the third digit "5" of 145027 represents the district of that region i.e. Gurdaspur.

The last 3 digits of Pincode 145027 are assigned to the Bamial S.O. ( Sub Post Office ) pin code officially comes under the Gurdaspur division and Chandigarh Region region.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) of Bamial Area Pin code

What is the Pincode of Bamial Post Office?
Answer: The Pincode of Bamial Post Office located in Pathankot is 145027.

Where is Bamial Post Office located?
Answer: The complete address of Bamial Post Office is: The Postmaster, Bamial S.O. ( Sub Post Office ), Pathankot, Pathankot, Gurdaspur, Chandigarh Region, Pathankot, Punjab, India - 145027.

What other post offices are available near Bamial?
Answer: In case you couldn't visit the Bamial post office for some reason, other nearby post offices are: Khojeke Chak, Janial,

How many villages are situated near the Bamial post office??
Answer: There are around many villages in Punjab, which have the same pin code as the Bamial post office i.e. 145027. A few of them are: Zainpur Kukkar (125), Wadala (269), Uttam Garden Colony, Udipur Aima (71), Turehti (393), Trehti Narangpur, Tola, Tharial (ct), Thakarpur (169), Tash (129), Targarh (193), Taragarh (146), Tango Shah (158), Talwara Jattan (312), Talwara Gujjran (311), Taloor Chota, Taloor (22), Tajpur (328), Tahra (382), Taharpur (133), Sundar Chak (197), Sultanpur (194), Sujanpur ( Rural ) (229), Sokalgarh (255), Sohaura Khurd (96), Sohaura Kalan (97), Siyonti Tarf Narot (78), Siyonti (376), Simbli Gujjran (313), Simbli (256), Simbal (8), Sherpur Giddarpur (175), Sherpur (55), Sherpur (208), Sheikhupur Majiri (51), Sheikhu Chak (143), Sharif Chak (93), Sharaf Chak (101), Shahpur Gopi (60), Shahpur (124), Shahidpur (166), Shahar (218), Sauli Bauli (232), Sarota (34), Sarna Nehar, Sarna (ct), Sangher (379), Samrala (249), Samrala (15), Salowal (157), Sakol (7), Sailli (332), Saidowal (165), Saidipur (155), Sahu Chak (109), Saharanpur (134), Sadhauri (361), Rattangarh (105), Ratarwan (32), Ranjhe De Kothe, Ranipur Upperla, Ranipur Jhikla, Ranipur Chhota, Ranipur (356), Randa, Ram Kalwan (30), Rakwal (115), Rajpura(366), Rajpur Rajputan (132), Rajpur Jattan (122), Rajo Beli (116), Raji (138), Raj Parura (252), Raipur (65), Rahimpur (156), Polla (69), Pindi Parolian (35), Phulra (306), Phool Piara (212), Pharwal 45), Phangoli (351), Phangarian (191), Phaloura (213), Phadial (377), Pawar (283), Pathan Chak (189), Parmanand (163), Papial (315), Panjupur (323), Panjor (206), Palah (1), Pakho Chak (148), Paharo Chak (160), Paharipur (50), Paddian Lahri (346), Nihalpur (353), Nawan Pind Taraf Gujjran, Naushenra Nalbandan (319), Naushehra (187), Naurangpur (282), Naurangpur (112), Narot Mehra (ct), Naroli Nakki Abadi, Naroli (82), Narainpur (108), Napwal (297), Nangal Farida (103), Nangal Bhor (310), Nangal (95), Namala (164), Nalunga (289), Nala (280), Nakki, Najowal (170), Najo Chak (317), Nahar Ke Bir (247), Nagrota (372), Muthi (33), Mutfaroa (355), Muradpur (53), Muradpur (203), Mukand Chak (139), Mohalla Mehgan, Mirzapur (320), Mirzapur (28), Mirzapur (219), Mirthal (288), Milwan (270), Miani Abadi Siora Khurd, Mastpur (20), Mastgarh (128), Mari (162), Manwal Mangwal (31), Manwal (ct), Mangial (76), Mangani, Man Singhpur (23), Man Mangal (100), Mamun (ct), Mamial (266), Malpur (75), Malkana (174), Malikpur (ct), Malharwan (81), Makhanpur (120), Majra (137), Majiri Rajputan, Maira Mahantan (327), Maira Kalan (87), Maira Colony Bani Lodhi, Maira, Mahi-ul-dinpur (150), Mahi Chack, Madhopur Chhauni (359), Madhopur (358), Madho Jainpur (46), Madarpur (152), Lehri Bawian (198), Lassian (123), Lamin (og), Lamin (342) (part), Lahri Sarmon (168), Lahri Samanchan (214), Lahri Mahantan (sujanpur), Lahri Mahantan (90), Lahri Gujran (171), Lahri Brahmanan (294), Lahri (318), Lahri (183), Ladpalwan (178), Lado Chak (329), Kunda (273), Kotli Mughlan (254), Kotli Jawahar (4), Kother (375), Kot Bhattian (14), Koshalian (118), Kolian (67), Kiri Khurd (88), Kingarian (337), Kilpur (70), Khush Nagar (98), Khudaipur (47), Khokhar Kotli (144), Khokhar (286), Khojki Chak (5), Khoba (200), Khiyala (151), Kharkhara Thuthowala (83), Kharkhara Tarf Narot (80), Khanpur (og), Khani Khui (268), Khala (362), Khadawar (225), Kaunterpur (298), Kathlaur (73), Kathana (41), Kataru Chak (259), Katani (74), Karoli Jhikli, Karoli (374), Kanwan (167), Kanshi Barwan (38), Kamwal (363), Kalesar (211), Kalarwan (384), Kajley (127), Kairi (350), Kailashpur (228), Kahanpur (349), Jungath (371), Jugial (ct), Jogar (140), Jindri (304), Jindrai (368), Jhumber Tarf Narot (86), Jhela Amda Shakargarh (99), Jhela Amda Gurdaspur (104), Jharoli (387), Jhanjeli (354), Jhandpur (210), Jhaluia (316), Jhako Lahri (181), Jhakhian Lahri (236), Jaswan Lahri (253), Jaswan (77), Janial (17), Jani Chak (149), Jangal (276), Jandwal (383), Jandrai Upperli, Jamalpur (245), Jakrawar (261), Jakral (385), Jakhbar (202), Jaitpur (48), Jainpur (42), Jaini Upperli, Jaini, Jagatpur (177), Itti (233), Ismailpur (126), Islampur (237), Hayati Chak (173), Haryal (392), Harur (364), Hamza (49), Halahar (386), Hajipur (220), Haibo (271), Haibat Pindi (142), Gurdaspur Bhaian (176), Gurah Khurd (360), Gurah Kalan (291), Gulpur (248), Gujrat (264), Gugran (84), Gotran Lahri (188), Gosainpur (345), Gol (61), Gohla (13), Gobindsar (192), Gidri (110), Ghoh (ct), Ghiala (300), Ghebe (305), Ghazi Barwan (40), Gharota Khurd (284), Gharota Kalan (278), Ghandran (290), Gatora (204), Garhmal (279), Gandran Lahri (348), Gande Pindi (141), Gajju Khalsa (114), Gajju Jagir (113), Gagroli (373), Firoza (54), Ferozepur Khurd (272), Ferozepur Kalan (224), Fatto Chak (29), Fatehpur (21), Fatehgarh (322), Farida Nagar (258), Dulo Bhalial (12), Dostpur (10), Dibku (179), Dholowal (154), Dhobra (182), Dhinda (6), Dhalorian (180), Dhalatar (2), Dhaki Shada (295), Dhaki Nimmon (285), Dhaki (ct), Deriwala (246), Dera Baba Basantpuri, Deffence Colony ( Chhatwal), Daulatpur (ct), Datyal (62), Datyal (52), Darsopur (325), Darsopur (107), Danwal (9), Danour (172), Dalpat Tarf Narot (79), Dalla Balim (161), Dalelpur (111), Dadwan (370), Dadwal Tika, Dadwal (238), Chuhan (277), Chhotepur (347), Chhawla (281), Chhaurian (63), Chhani Tola (275), Chhani Maqimpur(257), Chhani Gujjran (130), Chhani (sujanpur), Chhani (186), Chhan (221), Chela Chak (135), Chatwal (381), Chashma (260), Charak (68), Chandigarh Abadi Raipur, Chaloya, Chakral (89), Chak Sundar (91), Chak Sahu (64), Chak Paswala(250), Chak Narainian (302), Chak Manhasan (303), Chak Man Singhpur (27), Chak Madho Singh (344), Chak Koshalian (57), Chak Hari Rai (85), Chak Gajju (58), Chak Chimna (296), Chak Bhoia (94), Chak Bhatian (307), Chak Bharain (301), Chak Bhagwansar (92), Chak Amir (18), Chak Akhawara (56), Chack Dhariwal, Bungal (ct), Budha Nagar, Bias Lahri (321), Bhortarwan (388), Bhopal Pur (3), Bhoor (308), Bhol Chak (223), Bhoa (195), Bhimpur (267), Bheti, Bheri Bazurg (217), Bhawani (274), Bhatwala, Bhattian (59), Bhatoa (106), Bharyal (184), Bharoli Khurd (242), Bharoli Kalan (243), Bharial Harchanda (117), Bhanwal (227), Bhalotar (11), Bhakhari (16), Bhajura (234), Bhagwansar (196), Bhagwanpur (24), Bhagwal (44), Bhadrali (216), Bhabber Tika, Beli Chahngan (309), Beli Akalian (326), Bela Mast Ghar (421), Behlolpur (241), Behladpur (263), Behdo Chack (153), Begowal (147), Bearial Jattan (121), Bassi Afgana (262), Basroop (215), Basau Barwan (43), Barwan (299), Barula (365), Barth (199), Barsoon (380), Baroi (369), Barket (66), Bani Lodhi (209), Bamial (37), Balsua (190), Balour (136), Baknour (145), Baironpur (102), Bahadurpur (72), Bahadar Lahri (239), Bagial (265), Baghar (391), Badhani(390), Azizpur Khurd (314), Azizpur Kalan (226), Attehpur (222), Athotarwan (389), Asa Bano (205), Antore (26), Anoop Sehar (abadi Nangal)(95), Anial (36), Aner (293), Andoi (292), Alyal (25), Alikhan (159), Akhwara (119), Akhwana, Akhrota (185), Aiman Mughlan (207), Aiman Gujran (251), Aiman Changan (324), Aima Saidan (19), Adial, Adam Barwan (39), Adalatgarh (131), Abadi Phoolpur, Abadi Manwal Upper, Abadgarh (287),

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